Dreaming Denver consists of thirty dreams at thirty locations throughout Denver. To experience Dreaming Denver, go to the location listed below, call 720-845-5413, key in the associated two-digit code, & listen to or read the prepared dream.

The twelve downtown locations are designed as a walking tour, beginning at the MCA building, looping east & north, & ending at Confluence Park. But really, visit them however you wish. The eighteen locations constellated outside downtown are not intended as a single tour, but they could work as one if you’re so inclined. You are encouraged to adapt the sets of locations & visit them as seems most interesting or convenient.

Some of the dreams directly engage with the locations, some don’t, some do in ways that can only make sense to the writer, some do in ways that can only make sense to the person at that location at that moment. A city is, among other things, a space of infinite potential & imagination. Dreaming Denver seeks to add to the city’s uncollectable unconscious.

Dreaming Denver was devised & created in one month, with logistical support from Sommer Browning & editorial assistance from Tameca L Coleman.

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