1514 Blake St


Click for map: 1514 Blake St / lat 39.749818802848225 lon -104.99986038553062

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A gigantic piggybank sits before you, its face in the street, its rear legs up on the sidewalk. The commuting cars swerve around the thirty-foot tall piggybank with practiced ease, & the pedestrians pass by the big pink thing without looking up. The piggybank has been here for such a time, like a long-term construction site, that people have forgotten it is here, have forgotten something as big & obtrusive as a big piggybank stands in their street. You have a ball-peen hammer in your right hand. The hammer is old, the metal head pocked & chipped, the handle worn to perfectly fit your hand. You look from the hammer to the piggybank, its pink paint gleaming in the sunlight, then back to the dull, dumb metal of the hammer. You wait for a break in the traffic & rush into the street with the hammer held over your head & as you near the big piggybank, you leap into the air & swing the hammer down with all your might. Time slows. The hammer moves through the air as if through water, slowing more & more as it nears the surface of the piggybank, until finally, moving at barely a snail’s pace, the tip of the hammer strikes the surface of the pink piggybank. The piggybank splits in two, then those two cracks split into two & those four into sixteen & those sixteen into hundreds, & so on. Every bit of the piggybank cracks apart in slow-motion. Yet the broken pieces of the piggybank do not fall. The pink shards hang in the air, quivering, keeping the rough shape of the piggybank. You raise one hand into the air & then, palm lowered, you push your hand down. The shards of the piggybank fall to the ground & clatter onto the street. In the place where the big piggybank had stood now stand one hundred & eight piglets. The piglets all look to you with wonder, with thanks. You walk back to the sidewalk. The piglets follow you. Shoo, you say. The piglets stare up at you lovingly. You realize you are the first creature these piglets have seen & they have imprinted you on their minds. You raise your right hand, palm facing up, & swing it over your head. Half of the piglets leap over the other half gracefully. You raise your left hand & swing it over your head. The formerly leapt-over piglets now leap over the other piglets. You raise two hands & slap them together. All the piglets leap into the air & form a single giant piglet pyramid in the middle of the street.

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