Redline / 2350 Arapahoe St


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It turns out that every word is fluctuating acronym. Like when you climb up the step to the Redline gallery, the word Redline—R E D L I N E—stands for Realizing Emerging Daily Love Indicates Nonstop Experiences. And the word indicates, when inside the word Redline, is an acronym stands for Illusion Narrows Danger Into Caverns Alit To Ease Suffering. And alit, when inside the word indicates when indicates is inside the word Redline, is an acronym that stands for All Lakes Instill Tenderness. In this way, the meaning of a single word contains an infinitude of other words that have meanings unique to when they inside those words. And so meaning extends out of a single word into, eventually, every other word. And so, the meaning of any word is tied to every meaning of every word. And just when you start to think that you might, perhaps know what Redline really means, suddenly the acronym has changed & it now means something brand new. You take the word Redline in your hands. It feels somehow full, like an egg. You crack the word Redline in half.  Out of the two halves, from the space between the red & the line, a new word spills out, quivering & trembling. This new word has no definition & no acronym undergirding it. The new word’s only meaning is its own existence. You lift the word up to the sunlight. The word stretches & spreads little gossamer wings & launches into the air & flies away. You watch the word fly away until you can no longer see it. You walk back down to the curb. A person is rolling a pair of dice on the sidewalk. They hand you the two dice. All the faces of the dice have a single different word on them. You roll the two dice on the sidewalk. When the dice settle to a stop, the words Yarrow & Fire face upward. My name is Yarrow Fire, you tell the person. They take the dice from you & rolls them on the cement. The dice clatter, then stop. The words Freckle & Fire face upward. My name is Freckle Fire, they say. We have the same last name. Do you think we are related? you say. They look into your face intently & you look into theirs. You recognize something familiar & intimate in their face, as they too recognize in yours. I think, they say, that we must be.

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