1520 20th St


Click for map: 1520 20th St / lat 39.75461610130943 lon -104.99483183036092

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In the stadium behind you, a crowd screams fervently, unceasingly. The streets are empty of people, & wildflowers have grown up through the cracks in the cement & asphalt. The wildflowers go through a fast-motion lifecycle, green stalks rising up, stretching open into leaves, wriggling up petals to bloom in the sun, then releasing seeds into the wind that lodge in other cracks & grow roots & tendrils, all in the time it takes for you to inhale & exhale a single breath. As you stand facing this alley, entire life cycles of the flowers bloom & die, bloom & die as you breathe. And then, out of the shadows of the alley, a person emerges, more of a shadow than a body, & hands you a gigantic key. You thank them & they smile & walk back into the alley, disappearing back into shadows. You cross he road to the east, to El Chapultepec. You try the door. It is locked. Inside, though, you hear music, a pulsing rhythm. You step to the left & find another door. At eye-level there is a large keyhole, almost the size of your head. You look down & see the gigantic key the person from the alley gave you. You slide the end of the gigantic key into the large keyhole & turn it until there is a click. The door swings open. You step inside. Every flat surface, the bar, the tabletops, the shelves, the floor, is built out of birthday cake, all of it lined with thousands of birthday candles. The candles are some kind of trick candles. The flames go out & relight rhythmically, this sound of the flames igniting & extinguishing & reigniting is the music you heard. All those little flames, any one of which would make almost no sound on its own, when joined together, make a deep bass thump that reverberates in your chest each time.

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