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Now Open: "Young Hearts" an exhibition created in collaboration by Artist in Residence Cami Galofre and Failure Lab Teens

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place, where colors are brighter, the air is softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.” - Elizabeth Lawrence  

Young Hearts is an immersive installation that reflects the innocence, wonder, and joy of being young. As a collective expression of wild imaginations, this exhibition is a playful display of creativity and identity.  

Created in collaboration by Artist in Residence Cami Galofre and Failure Lab Teens, Young Hearts invites you to reconnect with your inner child and escape into a world of magic.

Corner of a gallery space featuring an in-progress installation, shrouded by shades of green, foliage, and greenery. There are four people crowded around a latter, working on the installation, their backs towards the camera.

Check back later when applications for Spring semester are open! Follow along on our IG to be the first to know.

Failure Lab is a museum-led leadership program for Denver-area high school students. Students work with artists, museum staff, and their peers to organize exhibitions, plan events, and develop programming. Rather than focusing on achievement, Failure Lab is dedicated to developing creativity and building community, becoming a place where the risk of failure is always a possibility.

The program runs concurrently with the school year. Meetings are held weekly at the museum on Wednesdays from 4–6PM. Students in Failure Lab earn up to $300/semester for their participation.

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