[Image description: heavily pixelated retro gif, resembling that of gameboy or other 90s graphics, that alternates between three main images. The first is of a pink flower with a yellow center, with big eyes and a heart shaped mouth, that’s watching a bee fly by on a sunny day. The second image is a colorful animated graphic that reads, “Mixed Taste” in funky lettering. The third image is a character, in front of a blue checkered backdrop, that has steak for a head, eggs for eyes, and a blueberry for a nose.



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Wednesday, July 7 at 7pm MT
Rage Philanthropy & Apples
Featuring: Melanie Sidwell & Gayle Volk, with poet Suzi Q. Smith

Wednesday, July 14 at 7pm MT
Dr. Justina Ford & The Banjo
Featuring: Terri Gentry & Stephen M. Brackett, with poet Mahogany

Wednesday, July 21 at 7pm MT
Alien Communication & Shoddy Fabric
Featuring: Ka Chun Yu & Hanna Rose Shell, with poet Bianca Mikahn

Wednesday, July 28 at 7pm MT
Forest Health & Lowriders
Featuring: Christina Burri & Armando Geneyro, with poet Franklin Cruz

Wednesday, August 4 at 7pm MT
Public Transportation & Polyamory
Featuring: Kimberly Ming & Dr. Apryl Alexander, with poet Brenton Weyi

Wednesday, August 11 at 7pm MT
Casa Bonita & Social Robots
Featuring: Andrew Novick & Mohammad H. Mahoor, with poet James Brunt



Artist Maia Ruth Lee discusses the themes of her exhibition, the inadequacy of language to describe our present moment, her choice of accessible and unconventional materials, and the home video featured in her gallery.

Artist Rick Griffith is joined by Evan Weissman (Warm Cookies of the Revolution) and Stephen Brackett (Flobots) to discuss non-violence and activism in art and beyond, asking the questions: How do we continue to apply pressure to our government? What is the action that moves the needle? How do you take activism from the digital world and social media to the real world? And what is the real work?

To what extent are NFTs reimagining Conceptual Art, reigniting the art market boom of the 1980s, and/or just disrupting the field of contemporary art through technological innovation? Mark G. Falcone Director Nora Burnett Abrams and leading blockchain researcher Amy Whitaker address these questions and more.