Air Monitoring Station / 2105 N Broadway


Click for map: Air Monitoring Station / 2105 N Broadway / lat 39.75137226287252 lon -104.98751618909182

Call 720-845-5413 extension 15 to hear this dream.

This is the entrance to the afterlife. But something isn’t working right. All the recently dead who just want to enter the afterlife are stuck outside. They mumble & grumble, arms crossed. You make your way through the recently dead, saying Excuse me & Pardon me & Do you mind if I just push past you here? until you reach the door. You try the handle, but it won’t budge. The door won’t open, but you immediately you see the problem. The door is out of breath. It is exhausted, unable to open. You crack the front panel off, revealing the door’s lungs, which are withered & floppy. You poke one lung & it recoils from your touch. You know just what to do, but it’s not going to be easy. You exhale all the air from your lungs, press your face down to the dirt & inhale, struggling, using all your strength to fill your lungs with the breath of the earth. When you have taken in the earth’s breath, you turn & press your lips to the door’s shriveled lungs & exhale the earth-breath into them. The door’s lungs fill, all the wrinkles & shriveled bits expand back into health. The lungs inflate & deflate like normal. You reattach the front of the door. You try the handle: the door opens easily. The dead, happy now, begin to file into the entrance to the afterlife. You stand on tiptoes & try to see past the dead & into the afterlife, just to see what it’s like, just curious, but you are alive still, & your living eyes can’t make any sense of the what lies beyond the door. You give up & walk off. On the corner a boy stands beside a cooler & shouts Tears! Teeeee-ars! Get your frozen tears here! Nice frozen tears! You walk to the tear-monger. How much? you ask. Three dollars a bag. You hand him a five tell him to keep the change. The tear-monger opens the cooler. Icy fog wafts out. He reaches in & grabs a ziploc bag of frozen tears & hands it over. As you walk away from the entrance to the afterlife, you open the bag, grab a handful of frozen tears, & toss them into your mouth. You crunch down on the tears as you walk away. And soon, you are crying.

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