1630 Chestnut St


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You have entered another land, having walked through gates that did not look like gates, which, by the time you look back & see that they have closed behind you, are so beautifully decorated that they hardly feel like gates even now. Smiling people with straight, white teeth gather around you & compliment you & stroke your hair & touch you tenderly on the chin & add you as friends on social media& whisper affirmations to you & tell you that you are perfect just as you are but maybe you could be more perfect if you do what they say, look how they look, act how they act, & when they pull away you find your pockets are empty & you no longer have your license & passport. All the things that could legally prove you are the person you are have been stolen. And now, not having those, you’re a little uncertain of who you are too. In this new land you have entered it doesn’t feel quite like you are the person you know you are. You wander through the new land, amazed by how nice everyone is, how they compliment you & when you compliment them back they smile with their big teeth & say Thaaaaank you! You pass by so many friendly people being friendly in the same way & to whom you are being friendly in this same way that by the time you reach the maze in the middle of this land, you have completely forgotten who you are. When you try to think of what your name is, you only come up with the names of popular songs or famous actors. The maze in the middle of this land takes up many blocks & has dozens of entrances & exits. Minotaurs rush in & out of the exits, wearing tailored business suits & bespoke denim jeans & tasteful activewear. You step into the maze, make a few turns are & are almost immediately completely lost. Minotaurs rush by you. Each minotaur holds a thread with their finger & thumb & follows that thread through the maze. You ask to borrow one minotaur’s thread. I can’t, the minotaur says. My thread won’t work for you. There is only one way out of the maze, but that way is different for each person. You continue wandering through the maze, jealous of the minotaurs with their threads to guide them, when you come to a classroom. You step inside the classroom & once inside, you have to watch a training video about the sky. You take a seat at an empty desk. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the class’s teacher. He wears a t-shirt with a picture of you on it. The picture is from the moment in your life when you were the happiest you have ever been. The Rock pauses the instruction at a moment in which the screen shows an unbroken blue sky. The sky is blue, The Rock says, because it has been holding its breath for years.

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