Confluence Park / 2250 15th St


Click for map: Confluence Park / 2250 15th St / lat 39.75479015152879 lat -105.00833122069483

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You sit beside the river & take your shoes off, & dip your toes into the cool water. You have been walking for what seems like hours & the water feels good on your tired feet. The paths along the river are filled with people, people on bikes & families with children in swimsuits & kids laughing with each other & folks lying in shady spots in the grass, people new to the city & people whose families have been here for generations & people whose families have been here for hundreds of years, & as you sit with your feet in the water, time slips, & beside all the people in the same time as you are in, walk the peoples who walked here hundreds of years ago, & alongside them, walk people who lived here long before, & alongside them walk even more ancient people, peoples from thousands & thousands of years ago, some toting spears with fluted stone heads, some wearing elaborately crafted clothing, some wearing simple clothing, some carrying goods for trading meetings, some carrying nothing, some walking in groups, some walking alone, & beside those ancient peoples & more recent peoples walk people from distant continents who walked here before this was the current country, & beside them people who came here in search of riches & people who came here for solace & people who came here to take care of loved ones & people who came here for the help a city can give & people who came here for the anonymity a city can give & people who came for a new start & people who came because there was no where else they could go, people with long hair & with short, with dark hair & light, big people & small, all their faces different, all their faces so similar, people wearing Stetsons & people wearing yarmulkes & wearing bonnets & wearing doo rags & wearing baseball hats & wearing straw hats & some with a single feather in their hair & some with unidentifiable head coverings & some with no hats at all, & some of these people who walk beside the water are bad people, some vile, & some of them are good people, some saintly, & some are brilliant & some are frightened & some are furious & some are smug, but each, as they walk, turns their head & admires how the water splashes in the light, how water flowing over rocks makes standing waves, & many, people from all the ages of human experience that walk beside one another, stop at the side of the water & take their shoes off, & just like you, they bathe their tired feet in the cool water, & just like you, they feel a little better. A man has set up speakers on the steps & he plays his flute along with an old soul song, his living breath mixing with the recorded music. You close your eyes & listen to the music as the water runs over your feet & through the city & away.

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