MCA Building / 1485 Delgany St


Click for map: MCA Building / 1485 Delgany St / lat 39.75236208181805 lon -105.00384162189904

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You are inside the MCA building after it has closed, all alone in the dark. Your footsteps bounce off the tall ceilings. You step into the first gallery. Seemingly everyday items hang on the walls, evenly spaced, a small card beside each. A toothbrush hangs before you, set into a white frame. You hold your phone up for light. The card reads Toothbrush, 2017. You look more closely at the toothbrush & you recognize it, it is your toothbrush, or the one you had back in 2017. To the left of your toothbrush, hundreds of pieces of junk mail hang on the wall, arranged into a neat rectangle. You examine the junk mail & see that each piece is addressed to you. The card beside reads Unopened junk mail, July 2012. You continue to find things hanging on the walls that you once owned, stuff so ordinary as to be nearly forgettable. There are framed photographs, beautifully shot, of what you ate for each meal over the course of a week last year. You step into the next room, & find your car sits in the center of the floor. The entire museum devoted to you. Upstairs you find more of your stuff on display &, in a dark room with benches for people to sit, a ninety second film of you sleeping plays on a loop. You take the stairs down to the basement & as you turn the corner into the large space, a dozen people look up at you & smile. Each person looks just like you, but not exactly, each of them you at a different point in your life, younger yous & older yous. You recognize their outfits, their hairstyles, & though each you is obviously recognizable as you, there is something in each of the yous’ faces that you have never noticed before. As you see the you from ten years ago, you realize that maybe you never really did know yourself then. And the you that is you ten years from now looks at you with a similarly surprised expression. You nod to the yous. They all nod back in unison. You raise a hand to wave hello & all the yous raise their hands at the same time. You laugh nervously. They laugh too. In the center of the circle of yous sits your bed. You smile. They smile. You walk up to your bed & pull the cover & sheets back. You lie down in your bed, in the basement of a museum of you, surrounded by you at various stages of your life. You close your eyes, get comfy, & fall asleep.

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