MCA Denver’s purpose is to be our city’s creative center of gravity, sparking connections and curiosity through contemporary art and culture. With your philanthropic support, MCA Denver continues to pioneer a new model for a 21st century museum, one that advances the field of contemporary art and also provides a platform for creative expression through world-class exhibitions, quirky events, serious lectures and much more. 

When the pandemic threw us all a curveball, we fought hard to turn adversity into advantage. We quickly reimagined our work and how we present it to the world, and you have stood by us every step of the way. Now, we are proud to occupy a dynamic, hybrid space, as we show thought-provoking exhibitions in our building and offer our programming virtually. This combination has allowed us to connect with more people in new and exciting ways, all the while maintaining our brand of rigor and whimsy. Your support ensures that we can continue paving a unique path forward that is inclusive, original, and resonant. Thank you.