Teen MoxieMag


What is MoxieMag?

It's a magazine created by teens for teens (and everyone else). High school students in this semester-long, paid internship make up the writers, designers and creative thinkers who string together art, music, stories and shenanigans into a monthly publication. Teens partner and work with local artists, MCA staff and peers to explore contemporary ideas and current happenings, create and share original content, and take creative risks in a supportive community. Teen interns in this program also take ownership over our teen Instagram handle, and work to engage our larger teen audience as well. It's a virtual program, and we meet weekly over zoom from 4-6PM. Interns are paid up to $300 for their participation in the program.

Questions? Contact Zachary Davidson at zacharyd@mcadenver.org or 720-236-1833


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