Public Trust–Activation


Three days each week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) visitors can activate Public Trust by approaching the table in this gallery and making a promise to an official “promise taker,” who witnesses, records, seals, and displays each promise made. Participants receive a paper copy of their promise, which functions as a certificate of participation, a record of their promise, and an artwork of which they, the artist, and the promise takers are all co-creators. A second, identical copy of each promise is hung here in the gallery. Promises are also displayed on the large marquee above the table, along with promises excerpted from the news and social media made by elected officials, celebrities, and newscasters.

The work interrogates and celebrates how language functions as the bedrock of civil society. Further, it emphasizes that it is our trust in one another that imbues language with this power. This trust legitimizes our government, legal system, and other public institutions and processes as much as it allows us to count on our friends to meet us when and where they say they will.

Actors Abner Genece and Steph Holmbo will activate Public Trust three days each week. Come share your promises with them on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons! 

No special reservations are necessary to participate in this activation. 

Portrait of Abner Genece in an indoor setting. He is in a blazer, a blue shirt with the top button unbuttoned, and bald with his hands crossed in front of him. He smiles warmly into the camera.

Abner Genece* Currently appearing in first episode of Arvada Center’s online series, Amplify; also in Arvada Center’s radio play, Trifles; also in Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center’s radio play, Just Keep Breathing; multi-seasons with Jean Cocteau Repertory, NYC (Hamlet, Othello, Waiting For Godot, Napoli Milionaria, Tartuffe, The Cherry Orchard); multi-seasons with Will Geer Theatricum, LA (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, The Winter’s Tale); multi-seasons with Robey Theatre Company, LA (For The Love of Freedom Trilogy); multi-seasons with Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Denver (Sense and Sensibility, The Electric Baby, All My Sons, The Diary of Anne Frank); *Member, Actors’ Equity Association.


 Portrait of Steph Holmbo in an outdoor setting during sunset. Her auburn hair is voluminous, curly, and seems to glow due to the sun shining through behind her. She is smiling brilliantly into the camera. Steph Holmbo is an actress, dancer, singer, poet, creator. Steph received her BFA from New York University's Atlantic Theatre Company and worked Off-Broadway with Mitra Dance Collective for 3 years. Since moving to Denver she has performed at several theaters including the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Miners Alley Playhouse, Town Hall Arts Center, and originated roles in two world premiere musicals with Mitch Samu. Steph has also presented 3 of her own plays, the first at the Minnesota Fringe Festival and most recently performed her first one-woman show, and