Artist In Residency

Cynthia Gutierrez

As part of Saber Acomodar: Art & Workshops of Jalisco 1915-NOW, Guadalajaran artist Cynthia Gutierrez will be in residency at MCA Denver for two weeks in January 2018. Cynthia will be presenting public programming, working with local artists, and collaborating with the teens in MCA Denver-led leadership programs. This project is made possible by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

January 10 & 17 | 6-7:30PM
Artist Workshop with Cynthia Gutierrez–The Object: Present and Absent

Artist Cynthia Gutierrez’s work creates monuments to histories that exist somewhere between reality and fiction. During her time in Denver, she will lead two workshops that build on her own working process to create new works. Participants will tour the galleries, learn about Cynthia’s work and use her process as a starting point to create monuments of their own – either real or imagined.

January 18 | 6-7:30PM
Cynthia Gutierrez: Artist Talk

On Thursday, January 18th, join artist-in-residence Cynthia Gutierrez at MCA Denver for a talk about the exhibition Saber Acomodar, her practice, and life in Guadalajara.