Get Close But Don’t Touch
Moe Gram & MCA Denver Teens

February 3 to June 15, 2021


About the exhibition


Get Close But Don’t Touch was created by Denver artist Moe Gram and 11 metro Denver high school students who participated in a three-week workshop via Zoom calls, thrift store visits and small group installation at MCA Denver, to ensure safe social distancing. Teen participants were given wood panels, collage materials, and $25 gift cards to collect objects from thrift and craft stores to contribute to this piece.

Throughout the program, we grappled with the limitations of our current society and the frequent moments of change that we are subject to on a daily basis. This large scale, 3D collage is a representation of our individual and shared experiences navigating this strange time in our history. We encourage you to explore the nuance of your own personal experience, while zooming out to acknowledge our collective societal experience at large. Consider this virtual world we all live in, for example, and the impact this has on our relationships, as well as the many ways we have been divided due to social unrest or are naturally separated because of the global pandemic.

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Created in collaboration by artist Moe Gram and Failure Lab Teens.

 Teen installation featuring various vibrant materials and collage.