How Art is Born
Episode 4


Lonnie Hanzon has been a professional artist for over four decades, with impressive credentials including Lucas Films, the nationally-acclaimed Camp Christmas, Neiman Marcus, and the “Evolution of the Ball” sculpture at Coors Field. But coming from humble beginnings and with the lack of a formal education, he started out taking a variety of odd jobs to pay the bills, from singing telegrams to designing costumes for drag queens. In this episode, Lonnie sits down with Alan to talk about how his wide variety of past work has coalesced into his current focus in immersive experiences, the fear of failure and success, the narrow and high standards we hold artists to, and more.

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This episode contains mature language and content.

[Image description: A photo of Lonnie Hanzon. The photo is taken with a bird's eye view looking down at Lonnie in a bathtub looking up at the camera. The bathtub is filled with green glitter and silver Christmas tree ornaments and the floor is covered in magenta and silver ornaments. Lonnie has short white hair, glasses, and is wearing a flamboyant red and purple long-sleeved, collared shirt.]


Lonnie Hanzon is a Colorado-based artist, best known in Denver for designing the Evolution of the Ball sculpture at Coors Field, The Wizard’s Chest, and the Clocktower Cabaret, as well as early Parade of Lights floats. Other major Colorado installations can be seen at Palazzo Verdi, Museum of Outdoor Arts, Marjorie Park, Red Rocks Community College, Denver Pride celebrations and throughout the Kenneth King Performing Arts Center. His national and international work includes large outdoor urban entertainment projects including Houston Zoo Lights, immersive visual merchandising displays and fine art for Neiman Marcus, and large-scale displays and events at Hong Kong’s Pacific Place. He is currently working on the third year of Camp Christmas with DCPA Off-Center.