How Art is Born
Episode 2


From acting to stand-up and winning over the audience with comedian Janae Burris


Comedian Janae Burris has made a name for herself in Denver as a member of Comedy Works’ Pro List and as a frequent opener for Josh Blue (not to mention her Sh!t Talk Tours at MCA Denver). But her journey to comedy came by way of her love for theatre and standup was initially a way to bolster her acting résumé. In this episode, Janae and R. Alan Brooks discuss her path to the stage, tips for newcomers to comedy, and her experience being pigeonholed and typecast as a Black woman in both theatre and comedy.

You can find Janae performing at the 8th annual High Plains Comedy Festival September 16-18, 2021.

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This episode contains mature language and content.

[Image description: Photo of comedian Janae Burris. Janae is sporting a denim shirt and her long brown hair is in braids. She is standing in front of a brick wall with stickers.]


Janae Burris (Just For Laughs/NBC First Look) is a comedian, actor and event host in Denver, CO. In 2020, Janae was also a house sitter, nanny, and dog walker who performed lots of Zoom comedy from the comfort of her well-lit bathroom. (It was a weird year y’all.) She is a South Central Los Angeles native and a CalArts alumna. Her favorite moments in standup comedy include performing to a crowd of 10,000 at Red Rocks Amphitheater, being on the road with Josh Blue, and running Denver’s #1 open mic and making more than a few comics quit. (You’re welcome!) Janae is the first Black woman promoted to the Comedy Works Pro list. She is currently developing her podcast Dead Daddy Issues and she is a proud camp counselor for Athena Project where she teaches stand up comedy to teenage girls.


Instagram: @negativenegro
Twitter: @negativenegro