Laura Shill


Portrait of Laura Shill leaning against a white background with her hair let down in a short brown bob. She is wearing a half-sleeve sweater that is the color of a red candy apple and blue jeans. Her hands are crossed in front of her as she looks softly into the camera.Laura Shill’s work is a collision of sculpture, installation, performance, and photography. Shill addresses ideas of viewer and subject, disclosure and concealment, absence and intimacy. Her works explore the transformative potential of people and objects through early and experimental forms of image making that pair the sinister and beautiful.  Her sculptural and installation work borrows theatrical conventions and employs repetition of form to create environments that immerse and oscillate between humor and heartbreak.

Laura Shill was born in 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama. Shill earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Media Arts Practices from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2012 and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally at the 2017 Venice Biennale at the European Cultural Center; The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs; David B. Smith Gallery, Denver; Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago; and Durden and Ray, Los Angeles. Her 2016 solo exhibition, Phantom Touch, was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. She lives and works in Los Angeles and Denver.

Watch Laura Shill explain Including Others in the Self

 Video still of Laura Shill in a black tee shirt at table. Her brown hair is let down and she is wearing a necklace with a large rhombus shaped pendant painted in an abstract pattern.