One of the most innovative creative collaborations in the country, MCA Denver and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (Off-Center) are once again coming together to further innovate our renowned Mixed Taste: Tag Team Lectures about Unrelated Topics by bringing it into living rooms throughout the Denver community for free.

With constantly sold-out lectures, MCA Denver moved Mixed Taste to the Seawell Ballroom for expanded audience capacity in 2017, and now, we are bringing it home…. Literally.

Mixed Taste: At Home is where even the most mismatched subjects find common ground in an interactive lecture series that can go pretty much anywhere. On Wednesday nights at 7PM, two speakers get twenty minutes each to enlighten participants on unrelated topics, without making any connections to the other. It is only as participants begin to ask questions that these talented, sometimes hilarious, speakers start to take our highly engaged audience on an adventure of words with twists and turns that eventually bring the two together in extraordinary ways. 

 Co-curated by MCA Denver and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Mixed Taste: At Home will bring together favorite speakers from years past live from their living rooms to yours.

Here's the Summer 2020 Lineup:

  • 7/15: Polar Forests & Trendy Soul Food  |  Featuring Kirk Johnson & Adrian Miller
  • 7/22: Keith Haring & Smog Meringues  |  Featuring Nora Burnett Abrams & Nicola Twilley
  • 7/29: Napping & Slovenian Zombies  |  Featuring Maya Kroth & Nancy Wadsworth
  • 8/5: Augmented Reality & The Cult of the Dead  |  Featuring Till Nowak & Elizabeth Harper
  • 8/12: Church Signs & Icelandic Hip Hop  |  Featuring Joe York & Nathan Hall
  • 8/19: Zeno's Paradox & Artivism  |  Featuring Elisabeth Stade & Suzi Q. Smith

Each evening will conclude with an original poem inspired by the topics performed by some of Denver’s best poets, including Suzi Q. Smith, Brenton Weyi, Mahogany, and James Brunt.

This six-week series will be free with registration, and accessible via YouTube live on Wednesdays. Please join us for laughs, intellectual gymnastics, and community-building through a fun, fascinating cultural discourse.