March 19, 2024

Spring Exhibition Inspired Reading List from the Denver Public Library


The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver presents three solo spring exhibitions by artists whose work explores relationships between the natural and the non-human world. Gala Porras-Kim: A Hand in Nature, Steven J. Yazzie: Meandered, Ken Gun Min: The Lost Paradise

Our book savvy friends at the Denver Public Library put together a list of suggested readings and movies inspired by the exhibitions that you may check out today! 

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Heirloom  - Ashia Ajani 

Built of resilience, Ajani's family persisted, grew, fragmented, expanded, and came back together. All the while, as members found themselves marred by history and placelessness, they passed down our stories, recipes, love of plants, and old-school wisdom. This story is one of how nature and humans are inextricably tied to one another and in fact, need each other to survive. Drawing from an ecocritical perspective, Ajani imagines inheritance as what can be left for future generations, what can be passed down, what needs to be preserved, what earth lessons are most relevant to aid in weathering this ever-evolving world. 

Heirloom by Ashia Ajani bookcover

Virga & Bone: Essays from Dry Places  - Craig Childs

A deeply felt essay collection focusing upon a vivid series of desert icons--a sheet of virga over Monument Valley, white seashells in dry desert sand, boulders impossibly balanced. Writer and adventurer Craig Childs delves into the primacy of our starkest landscapes and the profound nature of the more-than-human.

Virga & Bone by Criag Childs bookcover

Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits: Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America’s Culture - Chip Colwell

A fascinating account of both the historical and current struggle of Native Americans to recover sacred objects that have been plundered and sold to museums. Museum curator and anthropologist Chip Colwell asks the all-important question: Who owns the past? Museums that care for the objects of history or the communities whose ancestors made them.

Bookcover for Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirts by Chip Colwell

24 Frames - Abbas Kiarostami

In his final film, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami created a dialogue between his work as a filmmaker and his work as a photographer. A sustained meditation on the process of image-making, 24 Frames is a graceful and elegiac farewell from one of the giants of world cinema.

screen capture image of 24 frames directed by Abbas Kiarostami

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

The film follows the research of an international body of scientists, the Anthropocene Working Group who, after nearly 10 years of research, argue that the Holocene Epoch gave way to the Anthropocene Epoch in the mid-twentieth century as a result of profound and lasting human changes to the Earth.

poster for Anthropocene The Human Epoch film