Teen Outreach Programs


If MCA Denver teen programs had a secret menu our outreach programs would be at the top of the list. These hidden gems foster meaningful introductions to contemporary art and artists. In-school visits are designed to generate a point of connection with the museum, inspiring teens to grow their relationship with us and the greater artistic community here in Denver and beyond. Outreach programs bring exhibiting artists, local professionals, and more into a school setting. Each program takes on its own identity and might look like a panel of drag queens discussing gender and identity for the whole school, an interview lead by teens in front of their peers, an in-class artist demo, an application information session or perhaps a multi-week residency. 

Wondering how much this might cost? Most programs are presented at no cost to the student or school. Like admission and all teen things, we believe that access shouldn’t be dictated by the amount of money folks have but rather by their interest and enthusiasm. 

Why do we do this? We don’t want to be that friend that always makes you come to them to hang out. Also, this is a great way to connect with a lot of students, not just the “art kids”. It’s also a way to demonstrate the spectrum of practices beyond our current exhibitions. 

How do I partner with MCA Denver? There’s not an exact formula but here are some things we take into consideration when identifying partner schools. Do you have a strong artistic curriculum match? Schools in this category have strong arts programs that are well aligned with MCA Denver’s exhibitions, programs, and goals. Another consideration is for schools that might need support in the contemporary art realm. These schools usually have one or few art educators in the entire school or have smaller artistic offerings for students. Finally, is your school further out from MCA Denver or do your students have few places in their immediate communities to connect with artistic programming? Whether it's one or more of these we’d like to connect and see what we can grow.

Here are some examples...


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