Jayson Musson


Jayson Scott Musson is a gorilla in a tie. If he’s not wasting hours upon hours re-watching the cantina shoot-out between Han Solo and Greedo as if it were the Zapruder film, then Jayson Scott Musson is sleeping. If he’s not sleeping then he’s eating. Once he’s done eating, he then takes a small hike into the forest where he digs a hole into the earth so he can have sex with the planet. “I’m trying to make a golem like a Hebrew wizard.” Mr. Musson declares as his reason for this violation of Mother Earth’s sacrosanctity. This is the closest Mr. Musson will ever come in being either a scientist or a father.

He sometimes writes, sometimes plays around with his crayons in the production of visually arresting stuffs, and sometimes wonders “How much money can you really make breakdancing on a subway, especially if you have to split your earnings amongst 3 people. It doesn’t seem like a feasible way to make a living... and all that sweat!”

Jayson Scott Musson was born 1977 in New York, where he currently lives and works.



Work in the exhibition: 

Jayson Musson, A Horror, 2017. A white flag with the text “A HORROR MOVIE CALLED WESTERN CIVILIZATION” in all capital letters flies against an urban landscape. The sun is shining through the material of the flag.


Jayson Musson, A Horror, 2017. Nylon flag, dimensions variable. Presented as part of Creative Time’s Pledges of Allegiance, 2017 - 2018. Courtesy the artist and Creative Time, New York. Photo by Guillaume Ziccarelli.