Fem Fest Comedy with Jacq the Stripper


Get ready to LOL your face off because we are bringing in women comedians to get after it. Featuring...

Jacq the Stripper

Jacqueline Frances (aka Jacq the Stripper) is a Canadian stripper, artist and comedian. She started stripping in 2010 in Sydney, Australia, and has traveled the world making art and telling jokes about her experience as a sex worker. She is the author of several books, including The Beaver Show and Striptastic! A Celebration of Dope-Ass C*nts Who Like Money. Her mission is to humanize sex work and spread the gospel of happy sluts. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife, puppy and plants.

Miriam Moreno

Miriam Moreno is a Denver based comic from Mexico. Her background lends a unique voice in comedy where she turns dark topics into jokes. She has been featured on High Plains Comedy Festival, Savage Henry Festival, and her sketches have placed in the Denver Phone It In Film Festival. You can catch her around Denver comedy shows, eating Hot Cheetos or being extra to strangers!

Lily Ostberg

Lily Ostberg is a 17-year-old stand-up comedian from Denver. Her comedy has been described as dark and dry. She has been doing comedy since the spring of 2018 and has since performed on Nasty Bits and at The Black Buzzard.

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