Summer Cinema Sundays: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade & Field of Dreams


MCA Denver at the Holiday
2644 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211
United States


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (11AM, $5 adults, $3 kids)

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”(1989, 127 minutes), directed by Steven Spielberg, is the third installment in the iconic Indiana Jones film series. Harrison Ford returns as the titular archaeologist, and is joined in the sequel by Sean Connery, playing his estranged father, Dr. Henry Jones. The duo teams up to battle Nazis and overcome obstacles on their quest to recover the Holy Grail.


Field of Dreams (1:30PM, $5 adults, $3 kids)

“Field of Dreams,” (1989, 107 minutes) directed by Phil Alden Robinson, stars Kevin Costner as farmer Ray Kinsella, whose auditory hallucinations inspire him to construct a baseball diamond on his Iowa cornfield. As he builds the field, he is visited by the ghosts of the disgraced 1919 Chicago White Sox players, including Shoeless Joe Jackson, played by Ray Liotta. The arrival of these players is just the beginning of a series of supernatural events that unfold around his family.