Open Source: Multicultural Alliance Open Mic


We asked you, our brilliant and creative MCA community, to send in proposals for the MCA program of your dreams. And you delivered!

Presenting: Open Source: a series of programs by you, for you. Join us the first three Thursdays in September to see new faces and learn about new ideas.

Multicultural Alliance Open Mic: Ending Racism in America and Envisioning an Ideal Future

How do we end racism? What does an ideal future look like? Join host Christie Jones for her Multicultural Alliance Open Mic: Ending Racism in America and an Ideal Future.

This is an open platform, and audience members are encouraged to participate and share their work, though sharing is not required.

Leading up to the open mic, we're hosting a writing contest! Submit your writing (under 1,000 words) here by Sunday August 30th for a chance to win $100 and a guaranteed slot at the open mic.

This program will be taking place on Zoom.

Works can't use profanity; only positive, inclusive language. This is a community space open to all people that believe that racism must end. Use your words to inspire the world!

Christie Jones has worked in education for over 20 years. She is from Los Angeles where she studied English at UCLA. She began her career as a middle school Language Arts teacher in Florida. While in Florida she earned her Master's degree in journalism from UNT. Her passion for storytelling led her to teaching and the desire to empower students and families with literacy. She has taught middle school, high school, and college students in schools throughout the United States. The past few years she had worked in Denver area schools. She is eager to build relationships in the community and continue to uplift students and families.