Open Source: Diagramming Sentences

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Diagramming Sentences with Terry Talty and Steuart Bremner

Diagramming sentences - let's get graphic and do grammar. We’ll go to the easel with a few sentences from contemporary news, and ask a group of thinkers from different walks of life to dissect the grammar carefully and visually — to diagram to understand meaning more deeply. We'll reflect on what we learned from diagramming sentences, and how contemporary tools like headlines, tweets, posts, and videos might be helping or hindering deep understanding of ideas.

Terry Talty and Steuart Bremner have been working together on public sculpture, temporary environmental installations and hand-made book projects since the 1990s. Bremner received his BFA from the University of Colorado Boulder at the same time Talty was graduating with the same degree from the University of Denver. They met at SummerVail Art Workshop. Permanent public sculpture by Bremner and Talty can be found in Frisco, Breckenridge and Aspen, Colorado as well as in Italy and Luxembourg. Evidence of their temporary works remains in photographs and online but originally were placed in contemplative settings where they were encountered by chance and not by buying a ticket to a museum. Most recently, they have chosen their audience to be those who go to art museums, and have made one of a kind books that they leave in art museum bookstores. By choosing art museum book stacks, they hope these books will be found and taken by visitors who like books and visual art. Each book contains original pen or pencil drawings, and text-based art along with an explanation of their book leaving project. They’ve left a series of books in the U.K, New Orleans, Los Angeles and the Northwest, and in each series they include an essay about contemporary art making.