We are starting something new just for members, and would like to officially invite our brand new members-only digital program: Afternoon Saloon!

What's Afternoon Saloon? Well, we were thinking wouldn't it be cool to host a good old-fashioned salon for our beloved members? One of those salons where we gather a fashionable assemblage of people like artists, makers, creators, and of course you, to engage in some meaningful, educational discussions? And then we thought wouldn't it be even more fun to turn that salon into a saloon and feature a cool Denver bartender too so we could drink and get smart? We thought it would be!

On Tap this Month:

Let's Make Something:In honor of Pride Month, local Bartender Matthew Wachman from Denver Sweet will be teaching us how to make a Firecracker cocktail. It's the perfect drink to stay cool this summer and sure to be a hit if you are attending any Fourth of July BBQ's.

Denver Sweet is an LGBTQ bar which offers themed music video nights, a rooftop bar for socializing with your friends while social distancing, and friendly staff. Sweet reopens for service on June 19.

Let's Learn Something:

MCA Denver has commissioned an interactive artwork from Mathias Svalina, an artist and poet known for his dream delivery service, in which he delivers poems he’s written to subscribers by bicycle during the night. Svalina will be creating a walking experience through select Denver neighborhoods that is part sound art and part walking tour. Participants can learn about alternate Denver histories, built around real, historical stories of Denver, as well as imaginary tales, all woven together.

Matthias will be joining us for Wednesday's Afternoon Saloon to give us the rundown on his project. So tune in for the inside scoop.

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Here's the cocktail we will be making, if you feel groovy, grab the ingridentis before the event and make it with us:

Cocktail recipe