Members-Only Afternoon Saloon


We are starting something new just for members, and would like to officially invite our brand new members-only digital program: Afternoon Saloon!

What's Afternoon Saloon? Well, we were thinking wouldn't it be cool to host a good old-fashioned salon for our beloved members? One of those salons where we gather a fashionable assemblage of people like artists, makers, creators, and of course you, to engage in some meaningful, educational discussions? And then we thought wouldn't it be even more fun to turn that salon into a saloon and feature a cool Denver bartender too so we could drink and get smart? We thought it would be!

Our first Afternoon Saloon will be on May 27, 2020 at 4PM and will feature a cocktail recipe from our friends at Run for the Roses and fireside chat with Mark G. Falcone Director Nora Burnett Abrams on how the museum plans to open July 1st and what to expect during our next exhibition, Nari Ward: We the People. It should be fun, informative, and you can feel cultured, worldly, and slightly buzzed (if you want) from the comfort of your own home.

Members reserve your spot today by shooting us an email here.

And if you aren't yet a member, join today so you can join us for the event!