MCA Denver + Touch & Create Studio Present Dynamic Drawings: Multifaceted Object Study A Teen Virtual Workshop


Dynamic Drawings: Multifaceted Object Study


About the series:

This interactive, virtual workshop series serves as an engaging creative outlet for teens who are blind and visually impaired or interested in accessible tactile art. Each session will focus on utilizing three-dimensional media to create artwork that explores spatial relationships, texture and form. As participants explore the materials and creative process, they will hear from an inspiring artist who is blind to learn about their story and artistic practice. The first two sessions will take place on October 22nd and October 26th. Stay tuned for more tactile workshops in the spring of 2021.

About the workshop:

Guest Artist: Emilie Gossiaux

Collaborating Artist: Rishika Kartik

This session explores spatial orientation, proportion, perspective, and sensory input by creating artistic renditions of an object. Participants will analyze an armature or object of their choice and learn how to use tactile references to create raised line drawings. We will then use crayons to investigate how to add texture and dimension to the drawings. Subsequently, students will learn how to create 3D versions of the object using air dry clay, taking inspiration from their reference drawings. While they sculpt, they will be learning about mixed media work from acclaimed tactile artist Emilie Gossiaux. Emilie is an award winning artist who incorporates a variety of tactile media to create engaging multisensory pieces and discover new ways of experiencing art. She will be talking with teens about her work, the evolution of her practice after becoming blind, and approaching art through touch and non-visual input.

Workshop materials will be available for pick up at MCA Denver, or can be mailed if needed. The workshop will be held over Zoom and the meeting link will be sent the day before the workshop.

About the artist:

Emilie Gossiaux is an interdisciplinary artist who works with drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. Her work explores the phenomenology of dreams, memories, and multi-sensory experiences. Since losing her vision in 2010, her altered experiences of the world have encouraged her practice to grow both spiritually, and formally. Gossiaux relies solely on her sense of touch and proprioception, demonstrating a profound sensitivity of texture, space, and material. Alongside her studio art practice, Gossiaux also works as a museum educator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art with Access and Community programs. She has shown her work widely in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Dusseldorf.

A smiling person with a bob style haircut, holding a drawing of a dog. The dog that appears to be in the drawing is also present in the photo.

About Touch & Create Studio:

Touch and Create Studio (TCS) was founded by artist Rishika Kartik with the mission to provide opportunities and outlets to the Blind and Visually Impaired Community to experience and create accessible art and develop Tactile Arts curriculum to be incorporated into regular schooling as an integral part of holistic education for the Blind and Visually Impaired.