MCA Denver Teens in conversation about the state of the education system: A Virtual Event


MCA Denver's Teens lead an inter-generational conversation about the state of the education system 

[Image description: Eight individuals seated in their homes look at their screens. A red play button is in the bottom right corner]

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted concerns that many students, parents, teachers, and administrators have had about our education system for decades, in addition, of course, to creating entirely new challenges. Join the MCA Denver Teens for a conversation with educators and community leaders about their concerns for the education system at large and their experiences within it.

MCA Denver invests in exhibitions and programs that challenge conventional thinking around what makes a museum a museum. This dialog between the museum and its audience is baked into the mission of the organization, making up the very DNA of programming and exhibitions. Like MCA Denver, teenagers are an audience whose development hinges on challenge and risk. Teens are trying on their own identities, discovering their place in the world, and pushing the boundaries of what they know and what they want to discover. We want to be a space that celebrates risk-taking, exploration, and a home of sorts for teens––a place to discover through interactions with art and artists, and a place to connect with other teens whom to share experiences with and discover the art of their time. Also, if you didn’t already know MCA Denver is FREE for teens, ALWAYS!

Virtual Events for Citizenship: A Practice of Society

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