Make Zines at Home: A Zine Making Workshop with Denver Zine Library: A Virtual Event


A screenshot reading “A ZINE MAKING WORKSHOP WITH THE DENVER ZINE LIBRARY” To the right is Kaitlyn Lafferty in a black sweatshirt and a short blonde haircut.

Learn how to make a zine in this workshop with Denver Zine Library

Join us for a workshop with members of the Denver Zine Library and make your very own eight-page zine! In this workshop there will be a short overview of zines and zine culture with a brief sampling of some of the DZL's zines. We'll end by folding and decorating our own eight-paged zines.

Participants should plan on having plain paper, scissors, glue, things to draw with (pens, markers, crayons, etc.), and magazines or materials to cut from in order to make their own zines at home.

This workshop will be livestreamed via Zoom.

The Denver Zine Library(DZL) is an all volunteer-run lending library of over 15,000 zines. They are located in the RINO district north of central Denver at 2400 Curtis Avenue in the Temple.

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