Laugh Your Craft Off: Clay Wall Hanging


Clay Wall Hanging Workshop with Artist Melissa Piazza & Comedian Hannah Jones

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Laugh Your Craft Off is a series of virtual craft workshops where you can make things with artists while comedians tell jokes. We’ve paired up artists and crafters with comedians to take your grandma's craft circle to a whole new level. Your grandma never crafted on Zoom anyway. (But she would love it, you should invite her.) There will be laughs, there will be crafts, so grab yourself a drink and come hang out with us (virtually)!


Is your home lacking color and pizzazz? Need some new decor to spice up your quarantine cave? Join us in this hour-long workshop to play with clay and create a wall hanging piece to decorate your space. We will encourage you to think about your favorite symbols, shapes, or forms and transform them into art! Come play with us!

This workshop will be hosted by local comedian, Hannah Jones. So get ready to laugh your crafts off.

Suggested materials include:

  • air dry clay
  • string
  • wooden dowels or sticks

Want to up your clay crafting game? Purchase a craft kit from MCA Denver to receive all of the materials needed to make the clay wall hanging of your dreams! Make sure to select the CRAFT KIT option when you RSVP above.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Melissa Piazza

My art involves themes of nature by working in the medium of paint and clay. I am fascinated by the living systems that support our lives. My creations explore connections between the practical and the whimsical, the real and the surreal. Being drawn to the constructive side of clay, I can explore representative forms from my everyday world, but also create objects unique to my imagination. I am a K-12 art teacher and my teaching philosophy has to do with empowerment. Through creating art, we have incredibly powerful ways to transform ourselves and each other.


Hannah is a stand-up comedian, writer, and improvisor based in Denver, Colorado. After being homeschooled in a religious co-op, her irreverent takes on sex, religion, and politics are as original as they are deeply uncomfortable for her mother to hear.

She is the creator of the Denver satire publication Westish, which has been written about in Denverite and Westword, and covered on Channel 7 News. You can also find her writing in Apt, Split Lip, Atlantis, and more. She performs weekly on the improv team Barkley and this year she was invited to the Beast Village and High Plains comedy festivals. Above all of that, she holds the career-defining title of the 2007 Fayetteville Christian Homeschool Chess Club's "Most Improved," and has been improving ever since.

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