Laugh Your Craft Off: Fabric Dragons


Fabric Dragons Workshop with Artist Colby Marie & Comedian Quinn Marchman

[Image description: A vibrant blue graphic with the text “LAUGH YOUR CRAFT OFF” printed eight times: seven times in neon green and the eighth time in purple. In the center of the graphic is an illustration of pink hands with red nails, and the hands are holding on to a green dino coming out of a yellow shell with pink spots. A red play button is in the bottom right corner.]


Laugh Your Craft Off is a series of virtual craft workshops where you can make things with artists while comedians tell jokes. We’ve paired up artists and crafters with comedians to take your grandma's craft circle to a whole new level. Your grandma never crafted on Zoom anyway. (But she would love it, you should invite her.) There will be laughs, there will be crafts, so grab yourself a drink and come hang out with us (virtually)!


In this workshop, we'll be playing with patterns, color, and wonder as we create our very own dragons out of fabric. This workshop is for all levels of experience. All you need is the desire to play, a needle, thread, scissors, safety/push pins and some fabric. Trust us, in this experience you can turn your childlike dragon doodles into a full sensory experience. Come play with us :)

This workshop will be hosted by local actor and improvisor, Quinn Marchman. So get ready to laugh your crafts off.

Suggested materials include:

  • fabric (preferable with lots of colors and patterns)
  • thread
  • needle
  • pins
  • scissors

Want to up your fabric dragon crafting game? Purchase a craft kit from MCA Denver to receive all of the materials needed to make the Mother of Fabric Dragons of your dreams! Make sure to select the CRAFT KIT option when you RSVP above. Both shipping and pick-up craft kits are available.


Colby Marie is a queer writer, artist, educator who currently lives in Denver. A founding member of Secret Love Collective, one of Colby’s passions is to create healing experiences through art by facilitating experiences that foster play, curiosity and joy. Another of their passions as a former special education teacher is helping to create access to knowledge and wisdom that help create community, safer spaces to learn and work to dismantle systems of oppression (internally and externally) through play, creativity and education. Colby is currently working with Our Queer Body, an online learning platform to create content, lessons and support for queer teachers, healers, artists and wisdom holders. Independently, they are working on developing two podcasts. One is called Turning of The Bones and will look at the multifold ways in which we can heal and looks to deconstruct the notion of healing as a linear process. The other podcast is called Tip Toe which will be sharing queer voices in the form of storytelling and conversations with artists, activists and healers. Colby is also working on a collection of poetry, essays and a book of queer erotic fiction. “Shared experience in the form of art and story are one of the richest gifts I have been given in this world and I have learned so much from others' experiences, expression and stories I just want to play in the expansive and expressive human playground with others.” - Colby Marie


Quinn Marchman is a co-founder of the Black Actors Guild and current Director of Education. It is his supreme joy to develop curriculum with local artists and students to create a thriving ecosystem where all players contribute. As an actor, he has recently been featured in Dominique Morisseau's Skeleton Crew at Curious Theater and Shakespeare in the Parking Lot with DCPA Education.

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