Intermixed: DJ A-L & Crafthouse Cocktails


MCA Denver
1485 Delgany St.
Denver, CO 80202
United States


About DJ A-L:

Aaron "DJ A-L" Ladley is a world renowned, multi-genre DJ and Producer with over two decades of experience on the turntables and in the studio. A-L has shared the stage with musical legends, produced for multiple iconic artists as well as dropped knowledge on the youth as a hip hop educator. DJ A-L is not only widely recommended throughout the industry but highly respected amongst his peers within the culture.


About Crafthouse Cocktails:

A real cocktail in a bottle (one without a malt base, neon coloring, excess sugar and artificial flavoring) did not exist in 2013. Trailblazing Chicago bar owner and restaurateur, Matt Lindner, and Global Bartending Champion, Charles Joly, saw a need from their guests and came up with a solution using their expertise. Hard work and research exposed the truth that it was possible to bottle the very same from- scratch cocktails that Joly was accustomed to creating at the bar, using identical all-natural ingredients and high-quality small-batch craft spirits.

In the end, they succeeded in producing what has become the Crafthouse Cocktails lineup: a meticulously crafted collection of balanced cocktails, rivaling those of even the most respected craft cocktail bars.