Hyphen-American: A Conversation Series with Naghem Swade

MCA Denver Hyphen-American Series

Inspired by Nari Ward: We the People, we're hosting a series of conversations highlighting the first- and second-generation immigrant experience and representations of it in American media.

Think of this as your bi-weekly book club, but with less commitment. Every other week, a new moderator will pick a piece of media for you to read or watch. Then we’ll come together Tuesday evenings to discuss.

This event will be livestreamed via YouTube and Facebook. Closed captioning is available on the Facebook livestream.



July 21 6PM with Naghem Swade

August 4 with YaSi

August 18 with Danny Ramos


Naghem will be joined by Dr. Taisha McMickens for this discussion.

Naghem Swade is the Cultural Exchange Services Coordinator at the Denver Public Library. Born in Basra, Iraq, she came to America as a refugee at the age of seven and has been living in Denver, Colorado ever since. In her spare time, she writes a memoir about the struggles and perseverance of her family as they try to find refuge in a land that doesn't want them.

Dr. Taisha McMickens earned a Ph.D. in Communication Studies at the University of Denver. She is a Critical Intercultural Communication educator whose work centers cross-cultural dialogue about identities, difference, and privilege and oppression. She has been independently consulting in the business sector offering workshops on race and racism for five years, and has presented research at the National Communication Association throughout her career. Her scholarship lies at the intersection of Blackness, queerness, and media.