B-Side Music Fridays: Julian Street Nightmare & Ritmo Cascabel


MCA Denver
1485 Delgany St.
Denver, CO 80202
United States


About Julian Street Nightmare

Band photo featuring six people sitting in what looks like an alleyway in front of brick walls.

Imagine being chased down a long dark hallway by live mannequins accompanied by spiders crawling on the walls. Time feels like it’s barely moving and the idea that this could be endless begins to sink in, only to be jolted awake by the jarring sensation of free-falling. Nightmares like this demand an equally chilling soundtrack to offset the terror. Queue, Julian St Nightmare, the divine intersection of garage rock, ethereal synth house and ‘80s darkwave, to make your most insufferable dreams enjoyable. Listen here!


About Ritmo Cascabel

Band performing in front of neon lights on a stage. The photo is captured from the crowd.

After a wild night of dancing cumbias at a Denver club, Ritmo Cascabel was born in 2019. The band's mix of traditional cumbia, western music, and rock n roll make for a unique chicha. The love for cumbia and all Latin sound is what unites these musicians to create a music that makes you dance and do some head banging at the same time. Ritmo Cascabel is Jairo Barsallo, Tayler Doyle, Raul Sanchez, Isaac Galarza, and Leo Munoz. Listen here!