B-Side Music Fridays: Barbara & Immigrant's Child


MCA Denver
1485 Delgany St.
Denver, CO 80202
United States


About Barbara

Black and white band photo of three people laying on their backs.

Barbara comprises established musicians Bridget Hartman, Anna Panella, and Camilla Vaitaitis. After meeting in mutual pursuit of certificates denoting that they Know About Music, the three moved in together. In a new creative sandbox void of stamped papers and prerequisites, they excavated a fresh, intuitive approach to composition. The infinite jam session that is implicit to cohabitation formed an uncanny scaffold for the natural sound of Barbara— psychedelic, liminal, and vibrant. Barbara has a sound that’s been lived in. Stay for a while, come dance in the kitchen. You can be our fourth-dimensional roommate. Listen here!


About Immigrant's Child

Band photo featuring four people posing in a retro room.

Immigrant's Child was founded in Denver, CO and is currently made up of Keeana Martinez (Vocals), Colin Hill (Drums), Josiah Martinez (Bass), and Mario Martinez (Guitar). Pulling from their eclectic backgrounds Immigrant's Child has become a melting pot of alt, latino, regional Mexican, and classic rock influences. Immigrant's Child newest EP, Papalotl, is available on most streaming services and is led by the latin/rock influenced single, SAP (Spanish Audio Programming). Listen here!