B-Side: Kid Astronaut & The Nebula & ROSSAY


MCA Denver
1485 Delgany St.
Denver, CO 80202
United States


Kid Astronaut & The Nebula 

Kid Astronaut is a futuristic R&B artist propelling into the cosmos with a fusion of R&B/Soul, hip-hop, and punk influences, inspired by the multi-dimensional world building of Marvel Comics. 

Behind the cosmic persona is Jon Shockness, whose musical journey began with legends like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Prince. After evolving as part of his former band, Air Dubai, he transformed into Kid Astronaut in 2015, devoted to reaching new artistic heights and sharing inspiration, motivation, and love with the world. 

Alongside "The Aliens," Kid Astronaut's loyal fanbase, join as he soars to new artistic heights, poised to carve out a legacy of extraordinary art and positive influence for future generations.



Conscious hip-hop artist RO$$A¥ (born Josh Ross) is “A G and a gentleman,” a grounded optimist, and the SOL CHILD of Denver rap. Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, RO$$A¥ fell in love with hip-hop thanks to Dirty South innovators like OutKast, whom he still counts among his influences today. He first sharpened his pen as a poet, and cut his teeth on stage doing poetry slams and pageants throughout high school and college. But around 2013, his gnawing curiosity about how a song was actually made pushed him to experiment with producing his own music.

Once he started making beats and laying down vocals, RO$$A¥ was hooked. He spent the next several years refining his skills, preparing himself to move to a city with more opportunities for up-and-coming artists. In 2021 he relocated to Denver, where he took advantage of every open mic night and cypher he could find. After moving to the Mile High City, RO$$A¥ quickly advanced from a self-taught “bedroom producer” to a fully-realized recording artist. Within two years, he dropped four albums, booked shows at iconic Denver venues like Hi-Dive and Mutiny Cafe, and cemented himself as a key player in the city’s underground hip-hop scene.


About the Curator

Born and raised in Colorado, Demi Harvey is known for creating community through her social media influence, events, and partnerships. She has a deep appreciation for the Colorado music scene and has built up artists through her work with Indie 102.3, The Underground Music Showcase and more music focused organizations across the city. Follow her on Instagram @demiakademigod