November 17, 2022

Your Horoscope Gift Guide: November 18–25

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It may be winter, but you, dear Aries, are still burning bright. You’re focused, fast-acting, and sharp, but this week consider taking some time to rest and recharge. Remember, you can blaze out just as quickly as you were ignited, so find some solace in fire sign favorites like candles, incense, and warm colors. 

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You’re feeling a little on edge this week with the changing weather. But you, Taurus, know how to trudge along. Take your time this week, stop and enjoy the little things, and find some sensory and ambient pleasures: soft blankets, comfy shoes, lush meals, and afternoon naps. 

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Your brain is just buzzing this week, sweet Gemini! You have all kinds of things rumbling in your head, but you’re adaptable, witty, and playful and will handle this week in stride. Our advice to you? Take some time to reconnect your mind and body—reading or tending to your plants will help keep you grounded. 

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You’re on the precipice of growth and it’s the perfect time to take a leap. You have space inside you for more, and life around you will naturally grow. Be kind to yourself through a season of impending change and focus on gentle, affirming items that connect you to your past. 

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You radiate warmth for those around you, but don’t forget to replenish and recognize your luminosity! Knowledge and philosophical enlightenment help sustain you, so this week make sure to find things that fuel your creativity and art—like an art journal, vibrant earrings or coloring books.

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Even with diminishing daylight, you’ll find yourself paying special attention to detail and breaking big processes into small steps. While the devil is in the details, you’ll want to make a concerted effort to still your mind and meditate. Find some items that bring you peace and give a warm ambience to your room.

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This week you’re on the hunt for balance between work and life. Your instincts, Libra, are fair and thoughtful, trust yourself to make good decisions, even big ones. Find a few friends or throw yourself a decadent dinner party. Celebrating life’s small victories will sustain you through most challenges.  

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This week, don't think of things as ending, but as a new stage of life’s cycle. It may be winter, but spring is already blossoming inside of you. Spend some time with friends and family for a boost to your endurance. Find a new hobby, memento mori, book or artwork to help keep you connected to the present. 

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You follow your whims, and delight in life’s small joys. This week you’re going to be asked to adapt, and though your instinct is to live in the present, spend some time this week looking forward. Consider adding an investment piece of art to your abode or some future-minded affirmations. 

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Sweet Capricorn, you’re ready to face the cold and snow ahead! There’s some tension this week between duty and enjoyment. Try and find some things that aren’t task driven but simply exist for the sake of pleasure—find a cozy blanket, a fun scarf or something else that can keep you content. 

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Hello Aquarius! This week you’re walking a boundary between feeling accepted and feeling like an outcast. You’ve never been swayed by trends or fads, and this week you should remember to stick to your instincts. You’re an individual at heart, with a particular penchant for classic items—this week find something tried and true to carry you through like a work of classic art or a fashion item that will never go out of style. 

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You’re past- and future-minded this week, but it will do you good to relish in the present. You have strong intuition and are emotionally generous, so this week you’ll get a boost to your mood by buying for others. Thoughtful gestures are your love language, so find some small trinkets and doodads to show your friends you care (and while you’re here, grab a little something soothing for yourself). 

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Many thanks to Sara Renee Marshall for her partnership in writing the above horoscopes. Visit Sara online at or on Instagram @TheLotAstrology.