August 26, 2020

Word Around Town: Nari Ward: We The People


The highly anticipated exhibition Nari Ward: We The People, has captivated visitors and generated important dialogue all across Denver. Check out below some of the press highlights celebrating this poignant exhibition.

  • Westword: MCA Denver and Clyfford Still Museum Reopen to Members July 1 by Kyle Harris "For decades, Ward’s work has highlighted some of the most searing aspects of American culture, including racism and power as well as national identity and immigration," explains the MCA in a statement. "Now more than ever, we believe it will resonate with our city in this moment of crisis." Read the full article here.

  • 303 Magazine: Don’t Miss these Denver Art Events in 2020 by Cori Anderson “We the People is a solo showcase of contemporary sculptor and artist Nari Ward. Ward was born in Jamaica but spent much of his formative years in Harlem. His work activates found objects and charges them with new life and possibility, in the vein of Marchel Duchamp.” Read the full article here.

  • Denver Business Journal: Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art reopens with sights set on injustice by Joanne Ostrow “Mixed-media artist Nari Ward’s standout effort, the one he has called his “shoelace piece,” conveys an urgent message: ‘We the People’ cleverly addresses the current American moment with particular insight, telegraphing crucial ideas about diversity and equality.” Read the full article here.

  • 303 Magazine: Nari Ward’s “We The People” at MCA Denver Exposes Societal Wounds and Seeks to Heal Them by Cori Anderson “His mostly monumental artworks take on an almost spiritual presence in the room they reside in and each one is deserving of inspection from many angles. His art exposes wounds and then begins the process of healing them. It is up to the viewer, or sometimes the participant, to continue the process of healing after experiencing the work. In this way, Ward’s art is like a tonic — bitter to taste but good for you to drink.” Read the full article here.

  • The Know: “We the People”: At the MCA, artist Nari Ward’s material truths by Ray Mark Rinaldi “Being a person of color, it has always been about value and the body and connecting those two things,” Ward said in an interview Monday.“This moment of wokeness — it’s exhilarating, because I’m like: ‘Yes, yes, this is what I’m talking about.'” Read the full article here.

  • DARIA: Denver Art Review Inquiry & Analysis: Nari Ward: We The People by Tameca L. Coleman “Anchoring Escapement; Fang features African artifacts inside of a grandfather clock as well as a cosmogram—a spiritual symbol originally from central Africa. This design in copper emanates out from the vacant and patinaed clock face, moving upwards, carrying a blessing over an image of a ship at sea that serves as a bridge between two worlds.” Read the full article here.

Nari Ward: We the People closes September 20, so if you’re able, we highly recommend reserving your spot soon!