December 6, 2019

Why You Should Gift an MCA Denver Membership (Because Trust Us, You Should)


Do you find yourself looking for a gift idea that will transcend the finite life and enjoyment of a traditional holiday present? Have you been looking for a gift that’s not just another stagnant object, but an inspiring, animated gift that will give your loved one a dynamic, artful experience? Are you asking yourself, “WOW does this gift even exist!?”

We’re happy to say, “HECK YEAH!” this gift exists: it’s an MCA Denver Membership! Candles are nice and all, but a membership to MCA Denver is like giving people the opportunity to experience art, life, fun, community, and new ideas. And it gets freaking better...this year, this perfect, thoughtful, loving gift, comes in a perfectly adorable box. We can’t stress the adorableness enough.

A hand is holding a small green cardboard box reading “The best thing ever is inside” against a soft pink background.


We got the inside scoop on the membership box from our Membership and Community Partnerships Manager, Brad!

Why should you get someone you love (or yourself) a membership for holiday (or just because)? Why is it awesome? 

There are so many reasons to get a membership this year and every year. We host incredible exhibitions and programs that members get advance notice and discounted pricing on and our rooftop cafe is THE place to take your friends when they visit. You can enjoy concerts, create mutant stuffed animals, and shine in your glamour shot at our Black Sheep Friday program, all included with your membership. 

Neckties are so last year. Get them the gift that keeps giving all year long.

What all do you get in an MCA Denver membership?

Members get into the museum for free and get free access to some events and discounted tickets to other signature events. You’ll also save money when you eat, drink, and shop MCA Denver with your member discount. We love to love on our members! 

Shot of MCA Denver’s atrium during a busy event taken from high up. Visitors gather in groups talking.


If you don’t believe us that this is truly the most unbelievably perfect gift, here’s what two real life MCA members had to say about membership…

“I love my MCA membership because every month there is a new and different event. I take my wife and friends from out of town whenever there is something exciting happening; especially the Friday night summer parties!” -Anthony

“What I’ve always enjoyed about the MCA is their uncomplicated way of approaching contemporary art. Whether it be a rooftop party or a Q&A with the artist, they know how to pull just about anyone in off the street." -Jorden

This amazing gift of a membership comes in an equally amazing gift box with some additional goods and surprises inside. Check it out for yourself.