December 13, 2019

We’re Here to the Rescue with our MCA Denver Holiday Gift Guide!


Let’s be real. Let’s be really real. Gift giving can be totally fun and exhilarating; the hunt for the perfect gift can be a thrill. However, it can also, occasionally, be a tad overwhelming. Finding the right gift for that random coworker that was assigned to be your white elephant or your quirky art friend with impeccable taste can be a bit daunting. 

That’s why we’re here to your rescue with a few gift guides with items we have here in the MCA Denver shop! We definitely don’t want to be another place that’s throwing a copious amount of products in your face, so that’s why we’ve created a few uncomplicated, simple guides so you can shop with ease.


For The Wellness Nut

A hotpink and bright green book reads It’s ok to feel things deeply; A white crystal rock; a vial of cbd drops from Dram. Green tea, jasmine, and sugar jems mix from Par Avion Tea; a white container reading moon bath; a scent roller from rootfoot.


For The Book Worm

Six books on a white surface. Artsy Cats; How Art Can Make you Happy; Cy Twombly Photographs; Live Green; Flora Teresa Hubbar Alexander Birchler; Graphic Design Play Book.


For Your Quirky Art Friend

A book titled posters for change; colorful earrings; a jewlery holder with facial features on the bottom;  a cat in the style of Wassily Kandinsky, appropriately titled Wassily Catdinksy; a blue box containing 12 metallic colored pencils.

For Your White Elephant

A bag of MCA Denver branded coffee from Middle State Coffee titled Landspeed; three bottls of bitters from Dram Apothecary; a green box reading The Best thing Ever is Inside; a black and white houndstooth bag; a pink bag from bagu.


For That Teen Who’s Cooler Than You!

a print titled Language of Flowers depicting several drawings of pink, orange, blue, and yellow flowers, a pin of a cat with a flower crown titled Georgia O'Kitty; a pin of two flowers with the text reading stubborn; two tortise shell berets; two pink berets; a hand sculpture depicting handlines.



Join us for Black Sheep Friday XXX-Mas Craft Fair tonight, Friday the 13th, where you can shop these items alongside our holiday market with local vendors selling boho jewels, skateboard earrings, hilarious greeting cards, and hand-crafted goods.