March 22, 2019

Welcome to the Teen Blog! A Photographic Look into Teen Life


This is a space for teen expression, feelings, creative work, and inspiration. The driving force behind this blog is teens and their unbridled, limitless creativity. We’re excited to elevate teen voices and talent through a variety of content by a diverse group of teens.

We’re kicking this thing off with photography. These photos explore ephemera, shared spaces with friends, and connections between our humanness and that which we encounter. Some find deep personal significance in their photos, others want viewers to imbue their own meaning. We’ll continue to explore these themes as the teen blog continues.

Big thanks to our first round of participants. We think you’re the coolest. We can’t wait to continue to showcase super amazing work by super amazing teens.


Will Shellhorn

A grainy candid shot featuring a person with long hair dancing at a party.


I took this photo on film, at the last Station pop-up. The pop-ups would happen every month or two when another brand wanted to collaborate or share their work with Station. There were local DJs and it was a great place to meet other young artists. Station recently closed their storefront, but the online store is great. I wanted to capture the energy and movement in the room that was so present that night. Station was a great place and this photo from their last pop-up holds a lot of sentimental value for me.

Maxim Osborn

A young man appears to be suspended or falling in an indoor space.


I wanted to do something interesting that entertains the audience. I really like the expression on his face and body because it shows lots of emotion. It gives a sense of living in the moment and being free.


Scout Hanks

A foggy beach in sepia. There is a cliffside in the distance and four people walking the shore.


This photo was taken on my recent trip to Santa Barbara, California. The fog in this photo gave a sense of mystery and excitement to the surroundings.


Aleana Marie Wyman

A young woman leans against a chain link fence at night. Half her face is shrouded by shadows and she looks neutrally into the camera.


For our photography class, we had an assignment where we had to play with colored lights, but the only lights we had were Christmas lights. I wasn’t really digging it and had no inspiration, until I had my friend sit in front of a cage on the auditorium stage. The stage lights shined perfectly on her, so I used that in substitute to the Christmas lights. This photo actually means a lot to me, because this was the first time I looked at one of my photos and thought it looked good. I’m super hard on myself, so this really was my first step of being proud of my art.


Diana Karapetian

A close up of an eye in black and white.


My work really focuses on the natural. I used a plant to symbolize natural and pure elements. The eye is peaking through to just show the connection between humanity and nature. I also really wanted to play around with zooming in on specific details.


Jack Clark

Closeup of what may be the crema of espresso.


It means nothing. It looks cool.


Paige Kikuchi

A young person looks over their shoulder in an indoor space.


I really wanted to focus on masculinity, and the role it plays in young boys' lives. Thus I named my piece Boyhood. My younger brother, Liam, was my model and in the photo he's staring back at himself and isn't happy with what he sees. It was important for me to shed light on this topic because the pressure that's placed on young boys to be "masculine" is a lot of times overlooked. As a teen in society today, I am hopeful that my generation will diminish these standards for all genders, and I hope that my art can reflect upon that.


Eric Payne

A young woman walks down the middle of a street at dusk. She looks behind her shoulder at holiday lights that adorn the street lamps and trees.

Simple Times

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