January 30, 2020

Things to Do in Denver: Valentine’s Day Edition


Here in the MCA Denver office we love swapping ideas for restaurants, cocktail bars, and other good spots to check out around Denver. We thought it’d be fun to share some of our favorite spots with all of you, our favorite people.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether you’re in a lovey dovey mood or feeling a touch of existential angst about the upcoming holiday, we’re here with some suggestions to help elevate and inspire your Valentine’s Day plans. 

Here are some ideas for dates or Valentine’s Day hangs with friends, a partner, a new boo, your fam, or whoever else you want to spend the day with:


Name/position: Alexandra Stefanec, Visitor Services Associate/ Membership Assistant

Recommendation: Run for the Roses 

You like mid-century modernism reimagined for 2020? Run for the Roses is a really cute spot in the basement of Free Market. When you walk down you are welcomed by roses hanging from the ceiling, which is an idyllic setup for a flirty evening. The space is dynamic, well designed, intimate, and has great cocktails. Their cocktail menu is presented as a deck of cards which is fun as an ice breaker for both long term relationships or a first date. Either way, this place is great for a romantic memorable night with a significant other.

A pair of young adult female twins, one more evil than the other, pose for a photo holding two cocktails in a bar. One is in a beige coat with a black turtleneck. The other smiles with malicious intent sporting black framed glasses, and a floral jacket.



Name/position: Lacey Manuel, Shop Buyer & Visitor Services MoD 

Recommendation: Gerard's Pool Hall

My favorite spot to end a date night is at Gerard's Pool Hall. We start upstairs with a cocktail and a few body stretches—its a strenuous sport for amateurs. Then with a light buzz and agile bodies, we head down to the billiard room. Our game starts with a friendly/flirty competition and ends in blood and tears—not really, but kind of. Playing pool is entertaining, exciting, and, might I say, athletic? Gerards’ is an especially great place because you may just meet a Pool Shark, or at the very least, a new friend.

A hand is holding a cue stick above a billiards table about to strike the cue ball.



Name/position: Kelly O’Connell, Senior Marketing Manager

Recommendation: There

Close your eyes and imagine a small, unassuming restaurant/bar situation. You've arrived around 9:30, the music is chill, the atmosphere is calm, and diners are scooping up their last bite of dessert. You've gathered your favorite girl gang for a night out. The clock strikes 10 and a DJ starts to spin, a familiar jam gets going, and the hum of the crowd heightens. 11PM hits, the music is in full swing, somehow the plush animal heads that you thought were decore are now on your heads as you dance your faces off (literally, in this case). By 12AM you've somehow ended up behind the bar doing a shotski with your gals (something that as an introvert, is fairly surprising, but you go with it). It's around this point you ask yourself, "Where are you?" And the answer is simple, you're There.

For the best girls night out, go There.

Two young women are in a bar setting posing with a person wearing a panda’s head. One wears a polka dotted dress and holds up the peace sign. The other is mid dance and in a black jump suit.



Name/position: Sarah Kate Baie, Director of Programming

Recommendation: Sunday Vinyl

I love the sound of great music, playing on a great stereo, turned up real loud. Sunday Vinyl is a wine bar that spins old-school records on a state-of-the-art sound system. The restaurant is brought to you from the same folks who cooked up Frasca in Boulder and Tavernetta in Denver (right across the plaza), and it shows through in the hospitality and the vibe. But the music stands out front and center, with a curated playlist from the Denver record club Vinyl Me, Please, and a record collection designed to make you swoon. Bring your coolest friend, and then ask them “Hey, who’s the coolest now?”

A suited hand spins a vinyl in a bar setting.
Photo from @sundayvinyldenver Instagram



Name/position: Courtney Law, Director of Communications and Experience

Recommendation: The Plimoth

The Plimoth is tucked away in a historic Denver neighborhood near City Park and has a quaint, bistro kind of vibe. It has just a dozen or so tables so the environment is intimate, making it great for a date or other special occasion. Most importantly, the food is sophisticated, contemporary, largely seasonal and local and...delicious. The service and wine list are excellent too.

A red building with the words The Plimoth Neighborhood Eatery during the day. There are metal tables outside on red brick below string lights.
Photo from



One more thing: Join us for an intimate, Valentine's Day B-Side Music concert featuring Denver band Bluebook with an opening by Joe Sampson!