December 20, 2019

Thank you for the year, WE LOVE YOU!


Real talk: MCA Denver supporters are truly the best of the best, but we may be a little biased ;)

Seriously though, we simply can’t put into words just how thankful we are for our MCA Denver supporters and visitors who (and we don’t care how corny this sounds ;)) are really like close friends and family to us. To the die hard MCA fans who attend every event, program, and artist talk, to the passerby who found us serendipitously, to the visitors who have dance parties with us on our rooftop, and to the out-of-towners who found a place in our galleries...WE THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU.

We’re nostalgic, excited, and feeling all the feels about the totally amazing, perfectly weird, thought-provoking, and tear-jerking things that went down at the museum this past year. We wanted to recap some of our most cherished MCA Denver happenings from 2019...

We welcomed an artist to tattoo you in our galleries

A woman tattoos another woman in a gallery space. There is an abstract artwork on the wall behind them in pink, beige, black, and blue shades that seems aquatic.


We welcomed our 100,000th visitor of the fiscal year


We had a pool party in hyperspace

Two legs emerge vertically from a pool of water as part of a water dance routine.


We said goodbye to Adam Lerner, our amazing Director of ten years 

We welcomed our amazing new Director Nora Burnett Abrams 

We Sang with Strangers



We announced that we’re the first museum in Colorado to offer color blind visitors EnChroma glasses so they can have a richer museum experience 

We Talked Denver with You (photo by @lolahjoyvintage)

A woman in a snakeskin trenchcoat poses in front of a wall covered in photographs. There is a neon sign in blue that reads Talk Denver to Me.


Teens did their thing all year with us and they did it brilliantly

We played live music (and rocked out to said live music), made naughty ornaments, 1-2 Kazooed, Shit Talked our exhibitions, and so much more...

Thank you for a year to remember, we wouldn’t be us without you. If you want to find out more about supporting MCA Denver, click here, and be sure to spend the last days and weeks of 2019 with us <3