June 14, 2019

Teen Blog: Evonne Johnson, hot chocolate in the summertime


We’re totally embracing summertime here at MCA Denver with the opening of the exhibition Clark Richert in hyperspace on June 7, and the kickoff of our summer events following shortly after.

Step into summer by watching this video created by Evonne Johnson, titled hot chocolate in the summertime—a video that she says visually describes what makes her happy around her home. This work is a video compilation of quiet moments around Evonne’s home, ranging from knuckles cracking, a clip of various Harkins Theatre movie tickets, and almost-sheer white curtains moving softly in a warmly lit room.

Here’s what Evonne had to say about her work:

I wanted an accurate portrayal of the things in my environment that bring me some form of happiness and joy. When I was filming the video, I went around my house and whenever I noticed anything that sparked my interest, I positioned my camera and started rolling.

When I was editing the video I really wanted it to be calm and relaxing, so I put some soft music in the background and added some sound effects to it because honestly, it just sounded nice. I wanted there to be a lot closeups and for it to be as intimate as possible, like the viewers watching are taking a peek into my personal experience.

Although it's short, it does mean a lot to me.

Treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy hot chocolate in the summertime!