March 17, 2022

Teen Blog: Digital Art: Gaze Upon A Burning World by J Nick Crow, I Can’t Think by Finn Hilty, and XIII Death by Jennie Simonson

Tai Bickham


MCA Denver loves teens and celebrates their amazingness, their willingness to take risks, and of course, the cool and unique ways they express themselves creatively. We like to feature creative works submitted by teens in our community on this blog. Below are recent submissions by J Nick Crow, Finn Hilty, and Jennie Simonson, all from Denver. 

Gaze Upon A Burning World

J Nick Crow 

gaze upon a burning world


I wanted to recreate a darker version of the renaissance painting, Fallen Angel (Alexandre Cabanel, 1847) and use digital media to put my own spin on it. It is not 100% original because I did take inspiration from the original painting, but I enjoyed working on the piece nonetheless.

I Can’t Think 

Finn Hilty

I can't think


The artwork is all digital media and is based around the feeling of being overwhelmed. Too many little stressful things start jumbling together, and it can become tangled and loud in your head, almost like TV static.

XIII Death 

Jennie Simonson

XIII Death


In the timeline of my adoption, the Death card represents the day my dad came to get me from an orphanage in China. The Death tarot card represents the end of an era, in this case, the transition from a Chinese orphanage into an American household.


If you are a teen with something to say or share, we encourage you to submit your artwork with us for a chance to be featured on our teen blog or on the television screen in the Teen Idea Box here at MCA Denver!

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