April 9, 2020

Stacey Steers Virtual Animation Workshop


It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to learn something new. We here at MCA Denver are missing our lovely museum-goers, artists, exhibitions, and programs, so we figured we’d bring all these things to you.

Did you get a chance to see Stacey Steers: Edge of Alchemy while it was on view at the museum?

Want to know more about her animation process?

Curious to know how to make your own stop motion animation?

First watch, Stacey's tutorial...


Now, try your hand at it...

If you have an Apple device, we recommend using iMotion, a free stop motion app.

Here’s a quick guide to using iMotion (look below for a full video tutorial):

Starting a New Video

Using the Grid Feature

iMotion has a grid feature you can use to line up your shots and keep better track of the objects you’re using in front of the camera.

Using the Onion Skin Feature

“Onion skin” refers to being able to overlay the last image you shot on top of what you’re about to shoot. You can also toggle between the two images. This allows you to line up your images and get a better sense of how much to move objects if you are moving them in front of the camera.

Stopping the Recording

Done with your project? Want to see everything you’ve shot so far? Go ahead and stop the recording.

Changing the Playback Speed

iMotion lets you change the playback speed to see what your animation looks like at different speeds. The standard for movies is 24 fps (frames per second), but you can adjsut to your liking.

Deleting a Frame

Did someone walk through your shot? You can delete single frames in iMotion fairly easily.

Resuming Capture

Want to add more to the end of your film? You can resume capture and keep shooting.

Exporting Video

Whenever you’re finished with your animation, pick your final playback speed and export your movie.

And now you have your own stop motion animation film!

(For reference, this movie was shot using this setup. You can use whatever you have around your house!)

Looking for more inspiration? Here are some other animated shorts

Need more guidance?