December 8, 2022

Shop small and support local at this year’s Holiday Makers Market!


We’ve been hosting our FREE Holiday Makers Market for, honestly, longer than we can remember. This fan-favorite holiday event brings together local makers, holiday cheer, and coveted products to create a one-of-a-kind evening 

On Friday, December 16 from 5-9PM, we’re so excited to introduce you to new makers and welcome back some makers we’ve featured for years. Here’s this year’s lineup—get excited!



George Bangs

George Bangs is an art director, designer, and illustrator, making works that evoke the playfulness and meaningful parts of our everyday lives. Bang’s iconic Booty Burner quickly became an MCA Denver favorite. At this year’s market, expect lots of butts, patches, pins, and socks!

Yellow socks hung in front of a green background.



NonPorous Ceramics

A new maker in the MCA Denver Shop (and one we are all obsessed with) NonPorous Ceramics is inspired by the indulgence of your morning routines. They create vessels that infuse joy and comfort into functional art objects for your daily life. At this year’s market, expect unique ceramics that you’ll want to bring with you from your morning cup of coffee to the rest of your day and into the night.

Objects photographed on a light pinkish, beige background. In view is a book about ceramics, and on top of the book is a lumpy, colorful mug. There’s a disembodied hand pouring water into the mug. Next to the book is a can and another lumpy, colorful mug.



Such a 4

Such a 4’s unique clay earrings are inspired by the color combinations, hard edges, and diverse textures that make up our world. Most pieces are made from scrap clay as an ongoing effort to reduce waste. At this year’s market, expect pieces that you’ll never want to take off. 



Kind & Funny

Kind & Funny believes that, "The only thing better than receiving a compliment is GIVING one.” These compliment ribbons are our go-to for just about anything: hang one on a bottle of wine, use it as a bookmark, or gift it by itself. At this year’s market, expect new ribbons and the ribbons you’ve loved and need to stock up on.



Odd Ones Press

Odd Ones Press, a sister duo, make and sell limited edition risograph prints, posters, zines, flyers, and other odd-and-ends for local makers, artists, and organizers. Buy them all to create a gallery wall or pick up one and let it stand out in your home on its own. At this year’s market, expect prints you’ll want to give to all your coolest friends (and to yourself).

Teal risograph print showing what looks like a foundation with three levels, and shrubbery and flowers surrounding it.



Nathan Hall

Nathan Hall, a composer and past exhibiting artist here at MCA Denver, creates a line of jewelry that is simple but never basic. Hall’s unisex pieces are often made of stones and unique materials and are made for the modern human. At this year’s market, expect jewelry of unexpected shapes and forms that you’ll be able to pair with anything in your wardrobe (yes, we’re that confident).



Goodfit Puzzles

Goodfit’s collection of jigsaw puzzles showcase exclusive artwork from emerging talent and internationally recognized artists. All of the artists have chosen a cause that is important to them and Goodfit pledged 10% of every purchase to a charity that each selected. At this year’s market, expect puzzles so good you’ll want to break them open and start working on one right then and there.




We’re so excited to welcome our new friend Bizu to this year’s market! Bizu combines childlike fantasy with the effortless whimsy of natural ecosystems through non-traditional forms of jewelry. At this year’s market, expect fanciful jewelry that people will stop you on the streets over.

Beaded colorful, whimsical necklace on a white background.



Jojo's Sriracha 

Jojo’s Sriracha creates small batch, wild fermented sriracha that you’ll love so much, you’ll put it on everything you consume. The undeniably perfect gift for all the hot sauce loving, spicy friends and family members in your life, finish your holiday shopping with this deliciousness. At this year's market, expect, well, a heaping amount of sriracha.



Lux + Luca

A friend for many years now, Lux + Luca creates handmade jewelry. The metals and materials used in Lux + Luca’s jewelry are ethically sourced and made with love in a one-woman studio based in Colorado. At this year’s market, expect jewelry that ranges from necklaces engraved with quips to stackable rings and more.


Dar Chocolates

DAR ART BARS are not only delicious chocolate bars, but the packaging presents limited editions of rotating collections of art, collaborating with artists and art lovers to create craft chocolate with a purpose. At this year’s market, expect to satiate your cravings with allll the chocolate.