August 1, 2018

Sale Sale Sale at the MCA Shop


The MCA Denver gift shop is pretty sweet. It houses local artisanal wares from Colorado makers and beyond. The items range from highbrow books to hilarious and creative pins, from pinhole cameras to graphic tees (and not like the horrible graphic tees of your budding adolescence).

This is the kind of shop that you walk in and you don’t walk out empty handed. You’ll pass it on your way in and out of the museum, so you have double the chances to delve into all the goodness that is the shop.

The MCA gift shop is having a big blowout sale, and we sat down with Krista Lauer, Visitor Services Assistant Manager, to ask about the sale, some of the items that are included, and her favorite thing in the sale.

An opened book containing poloroids of young men. 

Word around the street is that there is going to be a gift shop sale! Can you tell us more about the shop?

You know it! The MCA Shop is a bit different than the average museum gift shop in that we strive to support local artisans and small businesses. The selection has been carefully curated to appeal to any visitor and contains items like exhibition-themed merchandise, foul-mouthed jewelry, and handcrafted ceramics. MCA Denver is known for being bold and cheeky, and these same characteristics can be seen throughout the MCA Shop.

A gold chain with a geometric pendant


Oils and hand lotions


How long does it go on and what are some of the items we can expect?

The sale continues through the end of our summer exhibition cycle and ends on Sunday, August 26. Items range from leather goods to glassware to jewelry to ceramics! And we have special blowout prices for all MCA-related merchandise!

A glass with a black pettern resembling the inside of a tree trunk

What is your favorite item in the sale?

I'm obsessed with Animal Handmade's leather goods (hint: I may have a purse of my own)! Ava, the creator, developed her own technique of embossing detailed designs onto wet leather and the results are truly stunning! I get compliments all the time!

Tan leather hand bags with a depiction of a leopard mid stride

Is this the first time there has been a shop sale? This is totally amazing.

This is the first time we've had a big blowout like this! We normally have items on sale here and there, but I figured, why not give visitors the opportunities to score deals on some items we've never discounted before?!

Canvas items with cactus patterns on them from Amelie Mancini Studios

Can you order online?

The sale will be in store only, but you can order all MCA-related merchandise through our online shop. We have past exhibition catalogs, t-shirts, mugs, and even MCA/Middlestate Coffee available!

Blue and pink braided rope dog leashes

Come shop the sale and visit the museum, now through Sunday, August 26th!


Cheese board and earthen pot from Belle & Brute